Happy birthday, Harry James Potter! July 31, 1980

Reblog for a Harry Potter pick up line in your ask box


Because you all seemed to like the jokes so much. A few warnings though

•I’m steering away from any dirty ones because I wouldn’t really feel comfortable sending those to people I don’t know (however if you want a dirty one there are plenty to be found on Google,…

House phone: *rings*
Me: nah


*makes up for ugly face with semi-okay personality*

"Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference."
- Unique Quietness (via fridaynights-citylights)


Jennifer Lawrence | by Ellen von Unwerth for Vanity Fair, 2013

get to know me meme: favorite tv shows [7/10] → How I Met Your Mother

"Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story. The story of how I met your mother."

our ends are beginnings